3 days in Berlin – throughout the streets

The touristic places are not always easy to shoot: people everywhere and so many photos were taken that it will be difficult to take an outstanding shot. What you can do is observe people:

Hawker between the Reichstag and the Brandenburg gate

Musician in front of the Brandenburg gate

Tourists in front of the Brandenburg gate

Tourists on the Berlin wall track

In Berlin, it is also impossible not to see the city’s symbol. Here is a small collection:

But the best to discover the city is to have a long walk and take time to sit in a park:

Out of contrariness: walk in by the exit

In breton, “koch” means shit. I like the idea of one of the most touristic stop of this city to be named “shit street”.

Out of contrariness (second): I don’t know what there is to photograph but as it is forbidden… let’s do it!

Out of contrariness (third)

The famous pipes you can find pretty much everywhere

See you next week for the last Berlin episode!

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