Lockdown Day 1 – sea lions

Since we are stuck at home and cannot enjoy the return of the sun or travel, I decided to post nature photos for as long as I can and bring you some fresh air. I’ll start with sea lions on Kangaroo Island, an Australian island recently ravaged by fire. They will repeat some of the rules on this first day when not everyone seems ready to respect them. (The following days will only be about nature, no message, promised).

This is the face they are currently having when they see all the people outside.

Social distancing, DO:

Social distancing, DON’T (apart from the one in the background):

Keep your little ones safe. They can be sick, even if it is less frequent than adults, and above all they can infect everyone.

Do not fight with your loved ones right away, otherwise time will be long. Very long.

If you can not work anymore or if you work less, here are some possible occupations:

Make a scrub

Take care of your mustaches

Enjoy a sunbath from your garden / balcony / window (not at the park, not at the beach)

Sleep / rest / chill

And kids, be nice, let your parents work from home or rest: give them some space!

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