Fluctuat nec mergitur

Just after the attacks in Paris, this photo of the Eiffel tower wearing the French flag colors came to my mind. Evidence apparently shared since it was indeed lit up in blue white red again for a few days. Here is the current and ephemeral version of the “iron lady”.

Because this is where I live

I judged the quality of this photo was not good enough to be part of the selection shown in this article but whilst many buildings in the world lit up in these colours, I felt like relighting the mourning Eiffel Tower. Paris – 14/07/2015

Bastille Day with the Eiffel tower!

As last year, I watched the Paris fireworks for Bastille Day from a suburb city, to avoid the crowd. Here is the result: If you have a favourite one, please tell me in the comments!

Ich bin eine Berlinerin!

For once, here is a self-portrait taken in the Reichstag’s dome in Berlin. This obviously announces photos of that city coming soon, but also probably a new work on selfies 😉

Looking for a nice view

On my way to visit someone in Puteaux (Paris suburb), I discovered the Eiffel tower was visible from the train station. I then went back there on the 14th July to try shooting the Bastille Day fireworks. Et voilà!