I’m back!

After this long absence, here I am! My silence of these last months has several good excuses: In 2018, I decided to quit the company I was working for and went back to school. In 2019, I graduated, left Paris for Nantes and launched my freelance business of websites creation. Meanwhile, even if I had …

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A Belgian Eiffel tower

No matter how much I like the Eiffel tower, I wish I had less occasions to pay her a visit. A few months after wearing the French flag, she dressed up with the Belgium colours. I took these photos one month ago.

Fluctuat nec mergitur

Just after the attacks in Paris, this photo of the Eiffel tower wearing the French flag colors came to my mind. Evidence apparently shared since it was indeed lit up in blue white red again for a few days. Here is the current and ephemeral version of the “iron lady”.

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