Lockdown Day 1 – sea lions

Since we are stuck at home and cannot enjoy the return of the sun or travel, I decided to post nature photos for as long as I can and bring you some fresh air. I’ll start with sea lions on Kangaroo Island, an Australian island recently ravaged by fire. They will repeat some of the …

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Grenadines’ fauna

A few months ago, I took real vacations: an pleasant trip to the Grenadines and Saint Lucia on a catamaran! For once, the goal was not taking photographs but enjoying life. Obviously, I could not resist taking snaps when I was not splashing around. Here are some local specimens (click on the images to see the full slides): …

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First digital macro attempt

Until recently, I had only made one macro photography attempt, a long time ago, on film. Digital photography is a relief in that field because it allows failure at no cost. Obviously, when you are a beginner macro photographer, there is waste! After purchasing a 100 mm macro lense, I made a first test with …

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Sea Sheperd / #standup250 France

Saturday the 22nd August, a Sea Sheperd demonstration in Paris in memory of the pilot-whales slaughtered in the Faroe Islands, with Denmark’s support in spite of the European protection laws. More information: Sea Sheperd