Containment Day 1 – sea lions

Since we are stuck at home and cannot enjoy the return of the sun or travel, I decided to post nature photos for the duration of the containment and bring you some fresh air. I’ll start with sea lions on Kangaroo Island, an Australian island recently ravaged by fire. They will repeat some of the …

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Grenadines’ fauna

A few months ago, I took real vacations: an pleasant trip to the Grenadines and Saint Lucia on a catamaran! For once, the goal was not taking photographs but enjoying life. Obviously, I could not resist taking snaps when I was not splashing around. Here are some local specimens (click on the images to see the full slides): …

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First digital macro attempt

Until recently, I had only made one macro photography attempt, a long time ago, on film. Digital photography is a relief in that field because it allows failure at no cost. Obviously, when you are a beginner macro photographer, there is waste! After purchasing a 100 mm macro lense, I made a first test with …

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Sea Sheperd / #standup250 France

Saturday the 22nd August, a Sea Sheperd demonstration in Paris in memory of the pilot-whales slaughtered in the Faroe Islands, with Denmark’s support in spite of the European protection laws. More information: Sea Sheperd