First digital macro attempt

Until recently, I had only made one macro photography attempt, a long time ago, on film.

Digital photography is a relief in that field because it allows failure at no cost. Obviously, when you are a beginner macro photographer, there is waste! After purchasing a 100 mm macro lense, I made a first test with what I could find around me: my parents’ garden after a shower.

Before going out, material check on my favourite guinea pig, my cat!
I think I had never watched raindrops that close. Wrongly!
Spotted! A bug hidden behind a tulip petal.
Nice colours for the honesty

After reading the Bernard Werber’s Ants trilogy, I had no doubt about the interest in their observation.

Indeed, the interactions between them and with their aphid livestock turned out fascinating.
I was very pleased to succeed in taking a photo of aphid milking.

Note: I do not touch my subjects. If there are drops, it is either rain or dew. If I show severals views of a same insect, it is because it was cooperative, not because it took paralysing spray (yes it does exist…).

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