Through the stone

Rares are the photos I’m pretty satisfied with. This is one of them, and it seems I’m not the only one as it was noticed at a contest (post here).  However, some have had to give a close look to determine if the reflection was natural or created in post-production.

The truth is I would never have thought about creating a reflection! This photo is the result of observation and a cooperative cat who let me time to make several trials.

Here is the raw full set:

Ooh, reflection!
Let’s try another framing.

Quick, I have to move so it looks better!

Third shot
No other chance, cat decided it was enough. Let’s hope the previous shot was good.

And the final result is:

A bit of cutting and contrast, no need for photomanipulation!

I’ll conclude with a quote:

« Being lucky is knowing how to place yourself on the path of chance. »

Henri Cartier-Bresson

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