Through the stone

Rares are the photos I’m pretty satisfied with. This is one of them, and it seems I’m not the only one as it was noticed at a contest (post here).  However, some have had to give a close look to determine if the reflection was natural or created in post-production. The truth is I would never …

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How to go on holidays as a photographer

The problem as a photographer is that you can’t stop shooting, there’s always something that catches your eye. So, how can you travel without attempting to immortalise your destination, whilst still enjoying your holidays? It’s tricky gauging between returning home happy with the photos you’ve taken and not annoying your travel buddy! Up until this …

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What if I raised the game?

When you’ve photographed for years, gotten better technically, started to know what kind of photos you enjoy taking and done some exhibitions/publications, you can feel like going further. Looking at my old-ugly-not-updated-for-ages-made-with-what-is-at-hand-website, I decided to rework it all! One of the advantages of photography is that you meet people with different knowledge and skill sets …

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