What if I raised the game?

When you’ve photographed for years, gotten better technically, started to know what kind of photos you enjoy taking and done some exhibitions/publications, you can feel like going further. Looking at my old-ugly-not-updated-for-ages-made-with-what-is-at-hand-website, I decided to rework it all!

One of the advantages of photography is that you meet people with different knowledge and skill sets with whom you can trade (You need photos for your band and you’re a webmaster? I can take photos and I need a website!). That’s how Fred, who made this site, helped me go through this. Bye bye old site I can’t upgrade, hello beautiful new site!

Oh wait, there’s a blog option on this website… What if I shared my steps? As a viewer, I like reading what other photographers do. Why not try this too?

So welcome to my blog, I hope you’ll enjoy reading my entries in addition to taking a look at my pics!

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