First digital macro attempt

Until recently, I had only made one macro photography attempt, a long time ago, on film. Digital photography is a relief in that field because it allows failure at no cost. Obviously, when you are a beginner macro photographer, there is waste! After purchasing a 100 mm macro lense, I made a first test with …

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Through the stone

Rares are the photos I’m pretty satisfied with. This is one of them, and it seems I’m not the only one as it was noticed at a contest (post here).  However, some have had to give a close look to determine if the reflection was natural or created in post-production. The truth is I would never …

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Sea Sheperd / #standup250 France

Saturday the 22nd August, a Sea Sheperd demonstration in Paris in memory of the pilot-whales slaughtered in the Faroe Islands, with Denmark’s support in spite of the European protection laws. More information: Sea Sheperd

Bastille Day with the Eiffel tower!

As last year, I watched the Paris fireworks for Bastille Day from a suburb city, to avoid the crowd. Here is the result: If you have a favourite one, please tell me in the comments!


Like many photographers, I’d rather stay behind the lense than in front of it. But when you go on a day trip with other shutterbugs, it’s difficult to escape. Here I am captured by Pierre-Emmanuel Beauchaud in a hide in August 2014! Have a look at his website to discover his work! 🙂

Skatepark – second round

As I spent a great time watching the riders the first time, I decided to go back to the skatepark the next Sunday. These guys are good:

Skatepark – first attempt

Spring is back, let’s make the most of the weekend by exploring the neighbourhood ! I headed to the Martin Luther King park (in Paris) and more precisely to the skatepark. Some good acrobats were practising scooter and rollers. An occasion for sport photography, quite rare with me. The result in pictures: